Compassion as Classroom Management Tool

In the Edutopia article "Compassion as a Classroom Management Tool," I discuss the benefits of being empathetic to your students needs.

"When I entered the ninth-grade English classroom, I had a clear vision of the first-year teacher I wanted to be: a strict, but thoughtful, educator who held students accountable for their behavior in the classroom. While my intentions were not flawed, the execution of this teaching style was poor, and left my students with a different impression of me: apathetic."

3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking

The conversation in the Edutopia article "3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking" centers on taking a traditional classroom strategy and reviving it with physical movement, critical thinking, and student engagement. 

"There are few things my students hate more than taking notes—and I don’t blame them. Hardly anyone enjoys taking notes. No matter the energy of the teacher or the diligence of the student, it’s extraordinarily easy to lose focus while listening to long, uninterrupted lectures."

Thriving in Your First Years as a Teacher

I wrote the Edutopia article "Thriving in Your First Years as a Teacher" to help all early career teachers who struggle to maintain the time consuming expectations of teaching, yet still want to improve.  

"It is a universal truth that early career teachers are overwhelmed. Between classroom management issues, lesson plans, and grading, we’re oftentimes drowning. With all the pressure to simply survive our first few years of teaching, doing anything else in the name of improvement may seem impossible. As a second-year teacher, I have days when I find myself treating life’s necessities, like sleeping, as if they were optional activities."

Radio Interview with Larry Jacobs on EduTalk Radio

On this episode of EduTalk Radio with Larry Jacobs, he and I discuss my Edutopia article "3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking," which won the SmartBrief Editor's Choice Content Award. This award is given by SmartBrief Education to two outstanding education related articles every month. 

During the show, Jacobs and I delve into important topics such as boredom in the classroom, assessment practices, and the National Writing Project.